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-I hate to inform a lot of people, but you can put a kickstarter on a 1980 Sportster, if and this is the big if, you have a very early production 1980 XLH like I have. It had the same plug hole and bushing for the kicker shaft that my old 1979 XLH had. The 79 I was fortunate to be able to buy OEM kicker parts in 1984 for her. In 1996 she went to Harley Heaven. I purchased a 1980 XLH last year. I have a 1979 engine with 1980 numbers that match the frame, a H9 frame (1979). So some have been saying that you cannot put a kickstarter on a 1980 Sportster is mistaken, it all depends that if they have a left over production 1979 engine installed. I rebuilt her over the summer, a wannabe ​ motorcycle shop had worked on her over the years. I replaced the primary chain, clutch, the clutch basket, rerouted the oil lines, the cam case cover, the exhaust system, and rear sprocket cover. I replace the sprocket cover with a 79 cover to installed a kickstarter,​ I replaced the cam case cover with a 79 cover because on of the cam bushing had come lose and instead of replacing the bushing that shop just installed shims to take up the play. I did have to modify the case tho, it was for a kickstarter only, so I had to cut the curve in the end for my electric starter. I also replaced the S&S Shorty Super “E” carburetor with new one with larger jets. The old (1995) one would not quick leaking at the accelerator pump, tried two now ones and the balls, springs, and blue o-rings. The new one tuned in correctly. I do not understand why riders put 2 inch drag pipes on a Sportster, dose not look good and you lose all of your mid range. A Sportster needs the back pressure to have mid range. I installed a Pancho 2 into 1 K Model header with a Fishtail extension. She runs better. But the Communism Chinese Kickstarter sucks. Worked for only a few days and now will not engage my clutch basket. ​ Enough said, keep the dirty side down. Hapster 
-I brought some your comments over to the kick starter page in the IH section and added the part# for the kicker kit for 79-80 to it.** \\ 
-[[http://​www.sportsterpedia.com/​doku.php/​techtalk:​ih:​engctl03#​kick_starter|Please click here]] **and review that page and make any extra comments as necessary. 
-And thank you for contributing.** \\