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1980 Sportster

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Example: A number such as (4A 11790 J0) appearing on the engine right case and the right side of the steering head on the frame indicates a 1980 XLCH 1)

Sportster ModelFirst 2 Digits (Model Designation)Next 5 Digits (Sequential Number)2nd to Last Digit (Manufacturer)Last Digit (Model Season)
XLH3A10000 and upJ- (Harley Davidson)0 - (1980)
XLCH4A10000 and upJ - (Harley Davidson)0 - (1980)
XLS4E10000 and upJ - (Harley Davidson)0 - (1980)


Models Specifications

XLH 1000

What is the Current KBB Value? 3)


Late 80 XLH 4)

XLS 1000 Roadster

What is the Current KBB Value? 5)

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