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 ===== Vapor Valve (Tank Venting) ===== ===== Vapor Valve (Tank Venting) =====
 +From the 2003 Sportster Service Manual
 +(Fuel Tank section)
 +"The fuel tank is vented through a standpipe (vent tube) within the tank. A hose at the base of the fuel tank is connected to the standpipe."​
 +"The fuel tank vapor hose is connected to a vapor valve located beneath the seat between the oil tank and the battery tray. ON non-California models, another hose connects the vapor valve bottom fitting to a hollow frame member. On California models, the bottom hose is routed to the carbon canister."​
 +"Mount the vapor valve in an upright position with the longer fitting positioned at the top or excessive fuel vapor pressure may build up within the fuel tank."
 +(CA EVAP section)
 +"If the vehicle is tipped at an abnormal angle, the vapor valve closes to prevent liquid gasoline from leaking out of the fuel tank through the vent hose."
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