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 {{:​techtalk:​evo:​body:​1986-2003_sportster_frame_kickstand_mount_locations_.jpg?​direct&​300|}} \\ {{:​techtalk:​evo:​body:​1986-2003_sportster_frame_kickstand_mount_locations_.jpg?​direct&​300|}} \\
-  * **Swapping engine cases**:+  * **Swapping engine cases**: ​\\ Since 1976, the MoCo has not sold left / right case halves individually. They sold replacement cases as a left / right set. \\ So it's up to the owner to decide if swapping out a case half is the right thing to do as opposed to swapping a matched case set. \\ Case sets are factory machined / line bored and the precision is not going to be the exact same by swapping out halves from different cases. \\ Likewise, if you are swapping case halves, make sure to have it done by a competent machinist. \\ 
 ====== 1986-1990 Sportster Cases ====== ====== 1986-1990 Sportster Cases ======
   * 1986-E1987 (all)   * 1986-E1987 (all)