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 [[:​techtalk:​menu|{{ ​ :​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]] [[:​techtalk:​menu|{{ ​ :​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]]
 ====== EVO: Engine Mechanicals ====== ====== EVO: Engine Mechanicals ======
 +====== Rocker Box ======
 ===== Sub Documents ===== ===== Sub Documents =====
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   * [[techtalk:​evo:​engmech04b|Rocker Box / Rocker Arm Inspection and Servicing]]   * [[techtalk:​evo:​engmech04b|Rocker Box / Rocker Arm Inspection and Servicing]]
   * [[techtalk:​evo:​engmech04c|Installing the Rocker Boxes]]   * [[techtalk:​evo:​engmech04c|Installing the Rocker Boxes]]
 +===== Pushrods =====
 +===== Sub Documents =====
   * [[techtalk:​evo:​engmech04d|Removing / Installing Pushrods and Tubes]]   * [[techtalk:​evo:​engmech04d|Removing / Installing Pushrods and Tubes]]
 +Pushrod lean angle on 91-up engines.
 +The lifters are square to the lifter bore but they'​re not quite square to the rocker arm slot for the pushrod. \\
 +There is a slight lean angle between the lifters and the rocker arms as shown below. \\
 +The pushrod tubes line up square with the lifter blocks and hide the lean angle of the pushrods. \\
 +In the pics below, a inside bore gauge is lined up app. straight from the lifter bore to the rocker arm slot for the pushrod. \\
 +This is the app. lean angle of the pushrods between the lifter and the rocker arm. \\
 +The pushrod angle also changes as the rocker arm moves thru it's arc while the valve is opened and closed. ((Tomcatt of the XLFORUM http://​xlforum.net/​forums/​showthread.php?​t=2074861&​page=3)) \\
 +{{:​techtalk:​evo:​engmech:​pushrod_lean_angle_1_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}} ((photo by Hippysmack)) {{:​techtalk:​evo:​engmech:​pushrod_lean_angle_2_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}} ((photo by Hippysmack)) \\
 +===== Rocker Box Gaskets =====
 +==== Top cover gaskets ====
 +|04-06|17353-89B|rocker cover gasket (includes cutouts for the breather to fit into). \\ No breather seal required.|
 +|07-16|17362-07|rocker cover gasket (does not include cutouts for the breather to fit into). \\ 17393-07 breather seal (required with rocker cover gasket 17362-07)|
 \\ \\
 [[:​techtalk:​menu|{{:​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]] [[:​techtalk:​menu|{{:​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]]