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EVO: Oiling & Lubrication - Sub-03G

Comparing the 03-06 and the 07 Style Oil Pumps

  • Below is a collection of comparison pics between the (98-06 style pump) and the (07 and up style pump). Click on a pic to enlarge.
  • The 98-06 pump internals are all the same except for these known differences.
  • For the purpose of the following illustrations, the 98-99 pump is shown below but the only visual difference from it and the 2000-2006 oil pump is the bottom cover (with the feed cavity) and the front fitting that runs to the oil filter. The gerotors and internal components are the same from 98-06.
Outside of pump bodies are the same 1)
Check bottom cover part # casting for a quick visual identification 2)
Necks are the same height. The pump body casting on the 07 is app. .018“ taller 3)
Scattered parts shows visual differences. See also dims below. 4)
98-06 has two bumps inside to hold the separator plate in place with 2 separate bores for the two different O.D. gerotors.
07 and up doesn't have the bumps for the plate and has a bigger single bore for both gerotor sets. The slots for the sump return have been enlarged.
The 07 feed cavity in the cover is also bigger.5)
The 07 scavenger gerotor set is larger in diameter and taller than the 98-06. 6)
The 07 inside gerotor is app. (.137”) wider in dia. and app. (.151“) taller. 7)

1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 7)
photos by Hippysmack of the XLFORUM
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