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1994 XLH Front Forks Disassembled - Measurements w/Pictures

The following information was collected when the stock 1994 Front Forks
were disassembled to be cleaned and the internal springs were replaced
with a set of Progressive-brand progressively wound springs.

Actual Measurements from a 1994 Std Model Sportster Front Fork
Slider Tube Length (45395-92) 24.250in
Slider Outside Diameter 1.532in
Leg Length (45921-87 -or- 45923-87) 16.375in
Leg Asbl'd Length- To Top of Cap 17.125in
Spring Length (45376-94) 21.500in
Spring Outside Diameter 1.190in
Spring - Number of Coils 53
Spring Coil Wire Diameter .180in
Spring Single Rate - Gap .242in
Spring Protrudes out of Slider (Fork Ext'd) 1.375in
(no preload spacer used)
Damper Tube Length (45925-94) 9.500in
Damper Tube Outside Diameter .715in
Damper Tube Head OD 1.175in
Damper Tube Holes (4) Diameter .298in
Top Out Spring Length (45374-87) 1.890in
Top Out Spring Outside Diameter 1.20in
Top Out Spring - Number of Coils 7
Top Out Spring Coil Wire Diameter .196in
Top Out Spring Single Rate - Gap .130in
Assembled Fork
Top of Damper Tube to Top of Slider (no cap) (Fork Comp'd) 14.438in
Top of Leg Cap to Top of Slider (Fork Ext'd) 15.125in
Top of Leg Cap to Top of Slider (Fork Comp'd) 9.563in
Therefore → Maximum Full Travel Equals 5.562in

Pictures from a disassembled 1994 Front Fork:

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