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 ====== Throttle Cables ====== ====== Throttle Cables ======
 +====== 1981 to 1985 (Present) ======
 +  * All 1981 model motorcycles are equipped with a dual cable (pull-pull) throttle assembly. The throttle cable pulls the throttle butterfly open when turned counter-clockwise (as on previous models) while the idle cable pulls the butterfly closed when the grip is turned clockwise. ​ The  carburetor ​ is equipped with a return spring which closes the throttle when grip is released (as on previous models). ((HD Service Bulletin #M-804 dated November 4, 1980))
 +  * The throttle cable has a 5/​16"​x18 threaded adjuster and is assembled to the right side of the throttle grip. The idle cable has a 1/​4"​x20 threaded adjuster and is assembled to the left side of the throttle grip.
 +  * Check the FSM for cable replacement and routing procedures whenever replacing a cable.
 +  * Adjusting:
 +    * All adjustments must be made with the ad­justing screw backed off far enough to allow free rotation of the throttle grip. Proper adjustment of these two cables is critical for proper throttle function and prevention of stress to or failure of the cables.
 +    * Turn the cable adjusters and locknuts clockwise as far as they will go. Both cables should have zero adjustment to start this procedure.
 +    * Point the front wheel straight ahead. Turn the throttle grip so the throttle is wide open (fully counterclockwise) and hold it there. Now turn the throttle cable adjuster counterclockwise until the throttle cam stop just touches the stop boss on  the carburetor. Tighten the locknut against the throttle cable adjuster and release the throttle.
 +    * Be sure the adjusting screw is backed off far enough to allow the rapid return of the throttle grip to it'​s ​ stop.
 +    * Turn the front wheel full right. Turn the idle cable adjuster counterclockwise until the cable housing just touches the spring in the cable support sleeve. Work the throttle grip to make sure throttle cable returns to idle position when released. If the cable does not return to idle, turn adjuster clockwise to achieve the correct adjust­ment. Tighten the locknut against the idle cable adjuster.
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