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 ====== Tillotson Carb Identification ====== ====== Tillotson Carb Identification ======
 See also in the Sportsterpedia:​ \\ See also in the Sportsterpedia:​ \\
-  * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01#​tillotson_hd_carb_1966-1971|Tillotson ​basic carb information]]+  * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01#​tillotson_hd_carb_1966-1971|Tillotson ​Carb Basic Information]]
   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01f|Rebuilding the Tillotson Carb]]   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01f|Rebuilding the Tillotson Carb]]
   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01g|Tillotson Carb Functions, Adjustments,​ Tuning]]   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01g|Tillotson Carb Functions, Adjustments,​ Tuning]]