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   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01q|Rebuilding a Keihin Butterfly Carb]]   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01q|Rebuilding a Keihin Butterfly Carb]]
   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01r|Keihin Butterfly Carb Function and Tuning]]   * [[techtalk:​ih:​carb01r|Keihin Butterfly Carb Function and Tuning]]
 +  * [[techtalk:​miscres:​miscres05#​tsb_650-699|See TSB #694 for introduction information on the Keihin butterfly carb]]. \\ Click the link to view the TSB page in the Sportsterpedia. Then click on the "​Y"​ next to #694 to view / download the PDF. \\
 \\ \\