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 {{:​common:​space100x5px.jpg|}}[[techtalk:​ref:​elec07#​ironhead_-_simplified_wiring_schematics|See the REF section for some simplified wiring diagrams/​schematics.]] {{:​common:​space100x5px.jpg|}}[[techtalk:​ref:​elec07#​ironhead_-_simplified_wiring_schematics|See the REF section for some simplified wiring diagrams/​schematics.]]
 +====== Circuit Breakers ======
 +The circuit breakers have copper and silver colored terminals. The copper is the input side. ((Ironmick of the XLFORUM http://​xlforum.net/​forums/​showthread.php?​t=1378363&​page=3)) The only exception is that the wire from the regulator attaches to the output side, then current passes thru the circuit breaker in reverse direction to charge the battery. Or you can run the output wire from the reg directly to batt+. \\
 ====== Diode ====== ====== Diode ======