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-[[:​techtalk:​menu|{{ ​ :​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]] 
-====== IH: Engine Control - Sub-01F ====== 
-====== Revised timing marks starting with 1980 models ====== 
-  * The timing marks have been revised on all 1980 and later 1000cc (crankcase number 780-108-001 and up) and 1340cc models to enable the timing to be set electronically at the factory. This step will reduce the number of timing adjustments required during pre-delivery and set-up. The procedure used to set the timing is exactly the same.  
-  * Only the timing marks have changed. The front cylinder advance timing mark has changed from a straight line to a 1/8" dot and the rear cylinder advanced timing mark now represented by a lazy eight. 
-  * Revised timing marks: 
-    * A straight line for the front cylinder (top dead center). 
-    * An 1/8" drilled dot for the front cylinder (full advance). 
-    * A lazy eight {{:​techtalk:​ih:​engctl:​lazy_eight_icon.jpg?​direct&​50|}} for the rear cylinder (full advance).