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IH: Oiling & Lubrication - Sub-04A

Rebuilding the Kidney Tank Oil Cap

These pics show how the oil cap comes apart.
Here is what you have when you flip it over and clean it up.

With the C-clip removed, hold the round end that the dipstick comes out of.
Turn the wing nut counter clockwise to unscrew it from the rest of the assembly.
The lower section will slide to the side and then lift out one side at a time.
This is not necessary to replace the gasket or the O-ring but it may be for something more in depth.

Right against the cap you have a C-clip. Pull it out. Unscrew the dipstick from the cap.

There is an O-ring at the top of the shaft between the cap and the wing nut.
If it's flattened, it may cause an oil leak on the top of my tank.

Check the O-ring.This one was replaced with one from an Evo head rebuild (bigger O-ring).
The inside diameter was a little big but it fit inside the groove and was thick enough to seat against the cap.

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