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 +===== Sub Documents =====
 +  * [[techtalk:​ref:​engctl01a|Sportster Sport 1200S '​98-'​03 Ignition Replacement to Dyna]] ​
 Typical options for Sportster Ignition Configurations (up to 2003): Typical options for Sportster Ignition Configurations (up to 2003):
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-===== Daytona Twin Tech TC88A =====+===== Daytona Twin Tec TC88A =====
-Daytona Twin Tech TC88A is a popular replacement module ​on 2004-2006 models.+{{ :​techtalk:​ref:​engctl:​tc88a-module-rocketmangb.jpg?​300|}} 
 +The TC88A Ignition Module ​is usable ​on the 2004-2006 ​carburetored ​models ​of the SportstersIt replaces the stock Ignition Module. 
 +The TC88A has dials on the module for selecting pre-programed ignition timing maps and choosing the level of the RPM Limiter. This is accomplished with two dials for timing maps and two dials for the RPM Limit. 
 +One of the timing dials sets the Initial Timing while the second dial selects the Timing Advance Slope.  
 +One of the RPM Limit dials chooses the x1000 value and the other selects the x100 value. If a setting is selected at 3000 or below, that is understood to mean NO RPM LIMITER will be active. BE CAREFUL! 
 +In addition to the pre-programmed timing maps (selectable by the dials), the unit can be user-programmed to utilize customized timing advance maps. To use these customized maps, you must have a computer interface, such as the Daytona USB Interface (18014), and the Daytona PC-Link Software, to communicate with the TC88A unit. (see this [[http://​xlforum.net/​forums/​showthread.php?​t=780755|XLForum Thread]].) 
 +The Sportsterpedia has a page of User Programmable Ignition Maps created by XLForum members.\\ 
 +Custom Maps ---> [[techtalk:​ref:​engctl50|Daytona Twin Tec TC88A Map Files - Aftermarket Ignition Maps]] 
 Here's an Overview of Ignition Technology on the Daytona Twin Tec page: Here's an Overview of Ignition Technology on the Daytona Twin Tec page: