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 [[:​techtalk:​menu|{{ ​ :​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]] [[:​techtalk:​menu|{{ ​ :​techtalk:​gototechnicalmenu.jpg|}}]]
 ====== REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-01G ====== ====== REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-01G ======
 +====== Cam Bushing Removal ======
 +  * You can buy different brands but this is basically a slide hammer with an expandable collet.
 +|  Blind Hole Bearing Puller (Harbor Freight model) ((photo by Hippysmack)) ​ |
 +|  Decrease the width of the collet ((photo by Hippysmack)) ​ |  Install it into and behind the bushing ((photo by Hippysmack)) ​ |  Tighten the nuts to expand the collet ((photo by Hippysmack)) ​ |
 +|  Hold outward pressure on the handle. Then yank the bushings out by knocking the slide against the handle end of the tool ((photos by Hippysmack)) ​ |||
 +|The collet isn't wide enough to damage the case on \\ the way out ((photo by Hippysmack))|However,​ the chamfer inside the collet will damage \\ the bushing (L). Compare to new bushing on the right. ((photo by Hippysmack))|