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Top End


Alternative to Stock Heads 1992 - 2006 Models



Wrist Pins

CP / Carrillo Wrist Pin

Wrist Pin Lock Rings



Alternative to Stock Pushrods

Screaming Eagle Pushrods for Sportsters

  • SE “Perfect Fit Pushrods” for Stock Heads 1991-2006 - (18421-06) stock SE length.
  • SE “Perfect Fit Pushrods” (18424-06) for Single Plug SE Pro Heads (16677-05) 1992-2006
    (published as - 0.050“ under stock). However, it appears they may be 0.050” under their stock “Perfect Pushrod” inventory since they are definitely shorter than 50 thou that for 'factory stock pushrods'.

The pic below is a comparison between the suggested 'Perfect Fit Pushrods' and standard rigid Evo 1200 pushrods. The SE pushrods are tapered with a beefier bottom end at 0.434“ OD tapering to the standard 0.375” OD at the top. Even though the heads have been shaved 0.050“, the intake pushrod was shortened by 0.071” and the exhaust one shortened by 0.065“. Length measurements were taken with a 12” Starrett vernier caliper.

SE "Perfect Fit Pushrods" for Dual Plug SE Pro Heads - (16457-96B or 16458-96B) 1992-2003

  • Kit # 18421-06 (stock SE length)

Aftermarket Rocker Arms

Roller rockers can't do anything but help the valve train. 1)
They can help extend the life of your valve guides and seals.
Take side to side pressure that a normal rocker tip can put on the push rod away.
They may also make your top end more quiet also.

If you look at it the end if the stock rocker arm, it's like the tip of your finger. 2)
As the rocker is pushed down on your valve since it has a curve like your finger tip.
It is also putting some sideways pressure on the valve.
It really gets exasperated when you have high lift cams which put more pressure on the whole valve train.
(especiallly if you use heavy duty springs)
Most use the beehive springs now so that's not as much of an issue.

S&S Roller Rocker Arms 3)

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