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Screaming Eagle Pro CNC Ported Heads

Intended for High Performance or Racing applications only. Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motorcycles. 1)

When adjusting spring seat pressure, maintain a minimum 0.070 in. travel to coil bind. All springs must each be of equal heights if adjustment is required.

Every 0.015 in. reduction of spring length increases seat pressure by 3.8 lbs,
Standard spring heightSeat pressure Desired seat heightSeat Pressure
Intake: 2.059 in. 200 lbs. 0.015 in. shim (18224-98) under lower spring seat3.8 lbs. of added seat pressure
Exhaust: 2.064 in.200 lbs. 0.030 in. shim (18225-98) under lower spring seat7.6 lbs. of added seat pressure
To reduce seat pressure, every 0.015 in. machined out of lower spring collar area is 3.8 lbs. of seat pressure reduction
  • The included pamphlet with this kit suggests assembling per the FSM using the recommended gaskets from HD. If steel gaskets are used in place of the factory composite gaskets, look carefully at the position of the rivets. Any rivet that may get sandwiched between the head and cylinder will need to be removed. They're very easy to remove using a bench grinder or a Dremel tool with the metal cutting blade attached. Just grind away the entire tab that contains the rivet with the grinder or you can grind down just the rivet with the Dremil. Make sure to de-burr the ends if needed. 4) 5)
  • Also note that multi-layer steel gaskets do not use o-rings around the alignment dowels the way the factory gaskets used to do. If you install o-rings on the dowels with a multi-layer steel gasket, you guarantee yourself a leak. 6)
  • Very carefully place the head over onto the cylinder and gasket, taking care not to scratch the deck. 7)
  • Lightly lube the threads, shanks, and undersides of the heads on the head bolts and install finger tight. Torque in the order shown in your FSM. For multi-layer steel gaskets (mls), torque all head bolts in five pulls starting at 9, 14, 22, 35, and final torque at 42 ft-lbs. For composition type gaskets, follow the procedure described in the FSM. 8)

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Standard Screaming Eagle Pro CNC Heads 9)
Standard Screaming Eagle Pro heads machined for 2nd plug for S models 10)
SE Pro heads (cookie cutter machining in ports) 11)
Kit # 165000164 12)
Part No.DescriptionQuantity
165000163Front Head (bare)1
165000162Rear Head (bare)1
Not sold separatelyHead (complete assembly)2
Sold as part of the SE valve spring kit
Upper valve spring collar4
Sold as part of the SE valve spring kit
Lower valve spring & valve guide seal4
16715-83Exhaust port stud4
18010-05Intake valve2
180028-05Exhaust valve2
Sold as part of the SE valve spring kit
Valve collar retainer8
Not sold separately
Sold as part of the SE valve spring kit
Valve spring4
Also sold separately
SE valve spring kit1
Also sold separately
Intake valve seat1
Also sold separately
Exhaust valve seat1
Also sold separately
Intake and exhaust valve guide1

1) , 2) , 3) , 12)
HD SE Pro Instruction Sheet J05616 pg 1
10) , 11)
photos by hippysmack
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