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REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-02C

Ring Gap Orientation

Ring Gap Positions during Installation: Exact ring gap orientation should be with the documentation that comes with a new set of rings.
The FSM's say to space the gaps an equidistant around piston. That leaves a lot of variance.
The rings will rotate during operation so they will not stay exactly where you put them.
This initial procedure for placing the ring gaps will help keep down blow-by during initial start-up while the engine breaks in the rings.

Orientation of the ring gaps is a debatable subject.
However the one thing most agree upon is the adjacent rings should not be spaced near each other.

These are widely practiced ring gap locations during installation 1)These gap positions are in the 2004 FSM via a drawing. 2)3).
However, specific rings notations are not (as they are below)

drawing by Hippysmack, gap locations by mikethebike61 of the XLFORUM
04 Sportster FSM pg 3-56
drawing by Hippysmack
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