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-====== REF: Oiling & Lubrication - Sub-05B ====== +====== REF: Oiling & Lubrication - Sub-05C ====== 
-====== ​Make Your Own Custom ​Oil Pump Hose  ​======+====== ​Homemade Primary ​Oil Sight Gauge ====== 
 +Article by asasial of the XLFORUM ((http://​xlforum.net/​forums/​showthread.php?​t=922963&​highlight=tapping+threads)) \\ This should be done with the primary cover removed to keep the shavings from the drilling and tapping out of your engine.
 +  * Parts:
 +    * 1/8" MIP to 1/4" 90° brass fitting \\ (any hardware store should carry these and you can also get creative with 90° fittings in your choice of brass or stainless steel)
 +    * 1/4" clear tubing (or the milky colored tubing used for an ice maker works as well)
 +    * 1/8" pipe tap
 +    * Pipe dope
 +  * Mark the holes for the length you want (the site tube should extend higher than the optimum oil level). ​
 +  * Pre-drill the holes
 +  * Tap the threads with a 1/8" pipe tap (tapered thread)
 +    * Only run the tap in about half way and check your fitment. ​
 +    * If the fitting needs to go farther in, take it out and run the tap back in a little more and then re-check fitment. \\ With the tapered pipe tap, the hole gets bigger the further you screw it in. Run it in too far and it can make for a bad fit and cause leakage.
 +  * Install the fittings with some pipe dope on the threads and put a piece of clear tubing between them and that's all there is to it.
 +  * With the bike on the kickstand, the level may be a little over the top of the tube. But, if you put a mark with a sharpie on your cover (level with the check plug towards the front of the cover) you will see where it should be with the bike level.
 +  * Once you get use to seeing where it should be, you won't have to worry much about having a mark.
 +|  Primary Site Plug ((photo by asasial of the XLFORUM http://​xlforum.net/​forums/​showthread.php?​t=922963&​highlight=tapping+threads)) ​ |||
 \\ \\
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