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 \\ \\
 +====== Aftermarket Rivet Plate ======
 +===== Alto Products =====
 +Alto Products Corp has developed a new version of the Harley Davidson spring separator plate (part# - 095763HD). ((thanks to rocketmangb for the tip)) \\
 +Made for Harley Davidson Sportster 91-On and Big Twin 90-On. \\
 +REF part number: (37975-90) can also be used in place of Alto # 095763. \\
 +This update features 16 Stainless Steel Rivets to hold the plate together for longer lasting durability, instead of the usual Brass Rivets. \\
 +This heavy duty replacement addresses the issue of the original brass rivets loosening over time. \\
 +{{:​techtalk:​ref:​priclutch:​alto_ss_spring_plate.jpg?​direct&​300|}} ((Alto spring plate picture used by permission from Alto Products Corp.))
 +  * ..[[https://​www.altousa.com/​|Click here for the Alto website]]
 +  * ..[[https://​www.altousa.com/​docs/​catalogs/​Alto_Motorcycle_Catalog_19196.pdf|Click here to download their complete motorcycle catalog in PDF]].
 ====== 91 and Later Aftermarket Clutch Packs ====== ====== 91 and Later Aftermarket Clutch Packs ======
 ===== Energy One ===== ===== Energy One =====