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Piston Rings

See also Removing / Installing Piston Rings in the REF section of the Sportsterpedia.

This tool is cheap at most auto parts stores.
It hooks both ends of the ring and spreads it apart making the inside diameter wider than the piston.
Then lift the ring off / on the piston.
Caution: only spread the ring just enough to remove / install it. Used on top and second rings.
(the bottom oil rings are usually removed by hand)

Piston Ring Remover / Installer

Piston Ring Compressor

Ring Pliers 1)
A wooden spacer with slot to hold piston steady as you slide the cylinders on. Also, a Volkswagen “krinkle cut” ring compressor that comes
apart after the cylinder is on. The crinkle cuts stop it from jamming up in between the piston and cylinder. Also, use plenty of oil in the rings,
piston and cylinder to help it all slide on. 2)
Cylinder Installing Jig 3)

Wrist Pin

Wrist Pin Removal - Installation Tools

Home made wrist pin removal / installation tool. 5/16“ all thread, 2 fender washers, two nuts, two PVC spacers and two 1/2” sockets. 4)
The socket should be slightly smaller than the OD
of the wrist pin. This can be used to remove and
install the wrist pin. 5)
9/16 UNF high tensile bolt with stepped collars
turned to fit loosely in the new bush, and slightly
smaller than the outside diameter and pulled the
old bushes out and the new ones in. Make sure
the chamfered end of the bushing goes in first. 6)
Wrist pin bushing installer: 3/4“ bolt with two washers and a nut. 7)
A 1/2×13 carriage bolt set into the pin hole and either pushed or light threading motion with pressure applied to remove the wrist pin. 8)

Wrist Pin Bushing Reaming Jig

A couple bits of timber and four bolts.
Holds them nice an steady for reaming. 9)
Two holes in a rag with some tape stops any bronze
chips from getting down in the crankcase. 10)

Wrist Pin Alignment

Check to see if the pin is parallel to the crankcase mouth by
using two pieces of 3/4” precision key steel from your local
bearing supply shop. 11)

Connecting Rod


Jig for Balancing Rods 12)

Wrist Pin Lock Rings

Installing Spira-lock wrist pin lock rings:

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