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Spark Plug Tools

To Gap the Spark Plugs

A small stainless plate 7/8“ long by 3/8” wide and .040“ thick with a
hole in it. It can be kept on a key ring and instead of keeping a feeler
gauge on your bike. 1)
This tool is not scientific and it's use is subjective.
But it is widely used for gapping plugs. 2)
Homemade Spark Plug Gapping Tool 3) Commercial spark plug gapping tool. 4)

Flexible Extension for Dual Plug Heads

Care should be taken when installing the top spark plug on S models or any with dual plug heads.
It's easy to get into the wrong position and break the end of the plug with a conventional wrench.

This flexible extension allows you to maneuver the plug into the hole using the handle on the end to start the threads without much force.
This was once available at most auto parts stores and is still available online.
If the plug doesn't thread easily, the grip will slip on the plug instead of forcing the threads together and cross-threading them.
Then you simply back it out, re-position and try again until the threads are started correctly.
Once the threads are started, remove the flex tool, use a conventional plug wrench to snug up and then a torque wrench for final tightening.

STEELMAN PRO 08310R flexible 12-Inch spark plug starter tool 5)

photo by Hippysmack
photos by Hippysmack
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