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Drills, Bits and Accompaniments

Left Hand Drill Bit

Yes, there really are left hand drill bits.
They are usually special order. You wouldn't see them in the normal hardware sections of chain stores.

They are used in the machine shops to get difficult bolts out.
Most of the time the bolt will heat up some from drilling it.
The heat helps it turn loose and then the left twisting pressure from drilling would turn it right out.
You would find them some place like McMaster-Carr (or machinist supply stores). 1)

Left Hand Drill Bit 2)

Pilot Point Drill Bit

These bits have a built in 'center bore' on the end.
It cuts center first and the fluted cutter comes in to cut the primary hole.
This helps to keep the bit from wandering and keep the hole centered throughout the cut.

Pin Vise

A pin vise is made for holding tiny drill bits.
Some are made to be chucked into a standard drill and others are hand held standalones.

  • This is an Albrecht JO30 pin vise for 0-1/8“ diameter bits. The cost is upwards of $250. 3)
Pin vise made to fit into a regular drill chuck 4)

  • This hand held one has a swivel head and was purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $10. 5)
  • Comes with two double-end collets to hold a range of drills from #80 (.0135) to #30 (.1285).
Testor hand held pin vise with a reversible collet for bigger drill bits 6)

Hole Saw

A hole saw is not just used for door knob installation.
Used in conjunction with a drill extension, it can be used to drill out the baffle in your exhaust (if so desired).

Drilling out exhaust baffle with a hole saw and extension. 7)

A larger hole saw can be used to remove the baffle,

Removing an exhaust baffle with a hole saw. 8)

Center Punch

A center punch is crucial in helping to ensure a drill bit doesn't wander or walk off when starting a hole.

Manual Type

Standard center punch used with a hammer to spike a dimple in the workpiece.

Center punch for making drill bit pilot holes

Automatic Type

An automatic center punch doesn't need a hammer to make a center hole.
This makes it a good alternative on plastics where a spike from a standard punch might crack it.
It's spring loaded. Position it where you want a center and push it toward the workpiece.

This punch was used to make a tail light mod for broken factory mounting studs 9)

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