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 ====== Parts Cleaners ====== ====== Parts Cleaners ======
-==== Carburetor Cleaner ==== +Shop Recirculating ​Parts Cleaners
-Carburetor cleaner is not just for cleaning carbs and their parts. \\ +
-A gallon of carburetor cleaner is very useful in cleaning most any parts, bolts and other metals and soaking stuck gaskets. \\ +
-There is a metal bucket with a handle inside so you can put in small parts and remove them with the handle easily without loosing any. \\ +
-Insert small parts, bolts, wrenches or whatever you need to clean, close the lid and let them soak. \\ +
-Later, open the lid, remove the small bucket inside by the handle, set the bucket on the ground and wash the parts cleaner off with a water hose. \\ +
-Let them air dry and most, if not all of the grease/​grime should be gone. \\ +
-You may have to re-soak heavy grimed parts or use a wire brush to break grime hardened areas before soaking again. \\ +
- +
-For soaking stuck gaskets between mated parts to loosen them, \\ +
-Depending on how old or how '​stuck'​ the parts are, soaking for a couple hours may help to separate the old gasket in between. \\ +
-Make sure to remove any rubber or plastic parts before soaking. \\ +
-Also check the label for safety precautions. \\ +
-Parts that have been sitting for years may have to be soaked for about 24 hours. \\ +
- +
-|  Carburetor Cleaner ((photo by Hippysmack)) ​ ||| +
-|{{:​techtalk:​ref:​tools:​parts_cleaner_1_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}}|{{:​techtalk:​ref:​oil:​parts_cleaner_4.1_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}}|{{:​techtalk:​ref:​tools:​parts_cleaner_3_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}}| +
- +
-This oil pump had to be soaked overnite before the cover would separate from the body. \\ +
-Keep in mind, any rubber parts on the inside will have to be replaced before installation. \\ +
-|  Soaking gaskets for more easy removal ((photos by Hippysmack)) ​ ||| +