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 ====== REF: Tools - 167 ====== ====== REF: Tools - 167 ======
 ====== Exhaust Tools ====== ====== Exhaust Tools ======
 +===== Jims #788 Exhaust Seal Installation Tool =====
 +See the installation PDF here: [[http://​www.jimsusa.com/​pdf/​instruction-sheets/​788-IS.pdf]] \\
 +For use on all 1984 to present Evo Big Twin, XL, and Twin Cam models. \\
 +This tool installs the exhaust pipe seal H-D No. 65324-83B or Screamin’ Eagle No.17048-98 or equivalent exhaust gaslets. \\
 +It will position the gasket evenly into the head exhaust port thus preventing exhaust leaks. \\
 +**Installation**:​ ((http://​www.jimsusa.com/​pdf/​instruction-sheets/​788-IS.pdf)) \\
 +  - Position exhaust seal on tool. \\ Note that the tool has a step locater to correctly position the type of seal used.
 +    * The tool side with the small step is for locating the H-D No. 17048-98 seal. \\ Note: The thinnest edge faces tool plate. The other side of the plate is for the usage of No.65324-83B seal kit.
 +  - This tool can install the seals two different ways.
 +    - After the seal is in position on the tool plate, use the two exhaust flanged nuts HD (7593) to install the tool to the head. \\ Alternate threading on the nuts onto the exhaust mounting studs until tool bottoms out on the head. \\ Then install the pipes up to the head per the FSM.
 +    - Using Jims tool handle (33416-80) -sold separately- install the small end into the center hole of 788 plate with a new seal in position. \\ Place these pieces up to the head and onto the exhaust mounting studs. \\ Then use a mallet to lightly tap on the end of the handle until the tool plate seats in the head. \\ Then install the pipes up to the head per the FSM.
 +{{:​techtalk:​ref:​tools:​jims_exhaust_gasket_tool_1_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}} ((photo by Hippysmack)) {{:​techtalk:​ref:​tools:​jims_exhaust_gasket_tool_2_by_hippysmack.jpg?​direct&​300|}} ((photo by Hippysmack)) \\
 \\ \\