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Dremil Type Rotary Tool

A Dremil tool has many uses from cutting to polishing metal. Always wear a face shield when using this tool.
It operates at a very high speed and tiny pieces of the cutting bits and the metal will hit your eyes faster than you can blink.
It's good for cutting carbon & stainless steel, shortening bolts, shaping metal projects etc.



Cutting slots in pipes for shields. 2)

Usually, cutting the end off a bolt requires sanding / filing the cut area to deburr / chamfer the end.
However, the Dremil tool cuts at a high speed with a thin cutting disc.
Keep the cutting blade perpendicular to the threads while cutting and, most of the time, deburring the cut end is optional or at least minimal.
There is no need to install a nut and back it off the threads as you would normally do when using a hack saw or grinder.

Shortening a bolt. 3)

photos by Hippysmack
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