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 +====== Rim Construction ======
 +  - The aluminum alloy cast wheel has been used with both tube and tubeless type tires.
 +    * Tube type aluminum wheels are no longer in production by the MoCo.
 +  - The disc type wheel has been manufactured as either:
 +    * Two assembled halves, bolted and riveted together (no longer in production).
 +    * Cast as one piece.
 +  - The steel alloy rim with chrome finish used with laced (or spoke) type rims.
 +  - The extruded aluminum rim was used on 18" and 19" spoked rims on XL and FX models until 1979.
 +====== Rim Profile ======
 +The rim profile is the configuration or the shape of the inside of the rim along with the width and diameter stamping. \\
 +The different profiles are generally marked on the outside of the rim
 +  * The 3.00" D: \\ Used on HD wheels since the mid 1960's and on 16" cast wheels since the mid 1970'​s.
 +  * TL or MT: \\ Used on 19" cast wheels and some 16" cast wheels. \\ The tire and Wheel association renamed the TL to the MT around 1985 but the change was in name only. \\ So a TL is the same as a MT.
 +  * TLA: \\ Used on 19" and 21" laced wheels.
 +  * CM: \\ Used on 18" and 19" laced wheels on XLs thru 1978 and on FX models thru 1979 (now obsolete). \\ If this type rim is damaged, the dealership'​s first reponce is to replace the rim with a current production rim.