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What _IS_ The Sportsterpedia?

The Sportsterpedia is a collection of information related specifically to Sportsters. It is an effort to get accurate and useful information, for all the various models of Sportsters since 1957 to the present, into a reference media that is searchable and printable.

No resource could contain all the information available. But, without attempting to replace the Factory Service Manuals, the Sportsterpedia is intended to contain historical data, model features, technical information, updated parts usage, potential modifications and much, much more.

The information in the Sportsterpedia will be gathered from the extensive online discussion threads in the XLForum as well as manufacturer-based information and other reputable sources - It is intended to contain vetted information and verified facts.

It is, and will remain, a work in progress to be updated and corrected over time as new or more accurate information is available. Even the format of the Sportsterpedia may require changes and updates in the future to accomodate all the information.

The Technical Menu of information in the Sportsterpedia is an outgrowth of the XLForum online community.

The XLForum online community is very generous in it's offering of information, advice and guidance in responding to inquiries brought to the forum by both new and long-standing members. This has produced thousands of threaded posts of conversations regarding, in some way, just about every possible subject related to the Sportster motorcycles.

The voluminous result of this generosity has resulted in the need for some threads to become Sticky Threads (highlighted by their placement at the top of the first page of a section). Some Sticky Threads have been created as indexes of the most helpful threads strewn across the various sections of the forum. But even the Sticky Threads often require new members to scavenger-hunt thru hundreds of posts to get a bit here and a bit there, hoping they don't miss something important along the way.

The Sportsterpedia will contain footnotes pointing back to these various threads, but, the Sportsterpedia is intended to result from the contributors culling the best and most accurate information from all the various current and always-new threads into a searchable, linkable & printable resource for future reference.

If you're looking for technical information on a stock Sportster model, you should look in the IH (Ironhead) or EVO (Evolution) specific sections - Those varied pages will contain overview information of some part of the motorcycle design along with sub-documents (where necessary) to present greater detail on the various functions or procedures or the latest OEM parts that replace former parts that fail.

If you're looking for modifications or alternatives to the stock configuration, you will want to look in the REF (Reference) section - Pages in that section may have extensive discussions, short comments with pointers, or additional sub-documents where the subject requires more coverage. When needed in the stock (IH & EVO) sections, there will be links pointing to additional information located in the REF section.

The Sportsterpedia is not intended to take the place of the Factory Service Manual (although there may be information included in the Sportsterpedia that's also in the FSM) and it will not take the place of the Sticky Threads (there's lots of how-to suggestions and discussion, with pictures, that can be easily linked to from the Sportsterpedia) and the Sportsterpedia is not expected to eliminate new threads with direct questions about a very specific implementation of a particular product or the diagnosing of problems.

Like an encyclopedia, the Sportsterpedia will best serve as a collection of individual subjects that may each have a section for theory of operation, manufacturer & model implementations of the subject, general information that pertains to all (or many) model Sportsters, some charts or tables of part numbers (where that data is easily compacted), some basic checklists or how-to-get-started type advice, with links to Sticky Threads on the XLForum or to other helpful information in the Sportsterpedia. It may also include, in the REF section, some other, more in-depth data articles, such as the oil evaluation section.

How Can You help?

Your observations and suggestions are always welcome. Helpful critiques are important so we may learn the best way to present the data to make it the most usable. Each time a major update is reported in the Sportsterpedia Progress thread, it would be helpful if at least 3-6 people (who are familiar with the subject) would review it and give helpful comments regarding what was presented - That would be a sort of peer review. See this thread at the XLForum ––> Sportsterpedia Progress.

There are many experienced and knowledgeable people on the XLForum whose help would be very beneficial and much appreciated. Pick a part of the bike you're interested in, one you are currently working on, one you might want to work with in the future or one that someone else has asked for your help. Research that part or subject to collect all the pertinent data and track down the appropriate XLForum or external links to allow us to document & verify your submission.

Submit your collected information - along with your ideas, feedback, documentation or any other comments to the administrators of the Sportsterpedia - Simply post them in this thread on the XLForum —> Send a note to the Sportsterpedia Admin - Or, if you prefer, you can send a PM (Private Message) on the XLForum to one of the Sportsterpedia administrators with your information or comments. If you are submitting material to be included in the Sportsterpedia, depending on the size or quantity of material, it may need to be put into our queue until we can find time to integrate the material. BUT - every offer of material will be appreciated. That queue is located in the REF section of the Technical Menu and is called the Raw Data section.

Want To Be Even More Helpful?

If you would like to make the commitment to become an editor for the Sportsterpedia, we would certainly welcome you aboard, get you up-to-speed on the formatting and presentation capabilities, and you, too, can make a contribution to the long-term knowledge base that is the Sportsterpedia.

Founder's Message

A quote from Bert from the 2016 XLForum thread: Announcing Sportsterpedia.com - The Sportster Wiki

I have started up http://sportsterpedia.com
as a compliment to The XL Forum. Unlike a
Forum, a wiki is like a technical reference
document or service manual. It is not
a discussion.

http://sportsterpedia.com will adhere to
the standard Creative Commons license
so that anyone can use, share, and adapt
the content. The only requirement is to give
appropriate credit for the source of the info
when used.
Rule 1. For images use only your own or images you have permission to post. You can link (owned) images also.
Rule 2. Don't write, or scan in images of pages, directly from a commercial (copyrighted) manual such as
… the HD manual, Cylmers, etc.
Rule 3. You must be registered to contribute. Anyone can read it.
Rule 4. Vandels will be banned.
Rule 5. You can copy directly from XLForum threads and posts as long as you cite the XLForum author.
… Material from the XLForum will be utilized consistent with the “Submission of Content” agreement.
Rule 6. There will be NO advertising. There will be a donate button to help offset hosting costs.

Contact Us

Please enjoy your time in the Sportsterpedia. And let us know if it has been useful to your project.

If you would like to comment on the Sportsterpedia (compliment, complaint, critique or correction),
please become part of the XLForum.net and post a note on the Sportsterpedia Admin - XLForum Thread

Editors, Hippysmack & IXL2Relax, will be happy to respond to your comments.

If you would like to contribute to or help to edit the Sportsterpedia pages, please drop a note in the above mentioned thread.
You can also Contact the Sportsterpedia Founder.

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