EVO: Body Parts - Sub-05A

2009 HD XL 1200C Shift Lever Assembly Modification

Article by Zoharo of the XLFORUM 1)

In the picture below are shift side forward controls - shift lever assembly, with after-market foot rest and
shifter peg add ons
The shifter rod assembly was removed from the shift lever assembly and the shift lever
The shift lever assembly has been rotated clockwise 180 degrees
The pinch screw was removed from the shift lever. The lever was pulled and rotated clockwise 150º
(30º to the left of top center). The shifter rod assembly was adjusted leaving 5/8“ of threads exposed
at each end
Harley shifter connecting rods are 5/16” - 24 thread. You can generally find used shifter parts online like
this longer connecting rod. The Heim Junctions on the Sportster are not as deep as thread lengths on
other models, therefore I cut off a 1/2“ from each end of an 11” rod to accommodate my placement of
the foot shifter

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