KT: 1994 883 with 1200 conversion

Page Assembled by Hippysmack of the XLFORUM
(All photos courtesy of IXL2Relax of the XLFORUM) Click on any pic to enlarge.

Build Specs & Modifications:

  • Base Model: 1994 XLH 883
  • Engine: 883 > 1200
  • Heads: Buell – Lightning
  • Air Cleaner: Modified (HD 29543-99B)
  • Fuel Tank: 1997 1200C - 3.3 gal
  • Seat: Mustang Vintage Solo (75700)
  • Headlight: Ness (CCI 08-125)
  • Front Turns - Deuce (68885-00)
  • Front Fender: Ness (06-015) Café
  • Front Wheel: Thunderstar (43772-99A)
  • Speedometer Cover: My Design (Tailpipe Tip)
  • Speedometer Unit: FXE (67020-73B)
  • Rear Fender: Sport Bob (CCI 13-209)
  • Rear Fender Rack: Motherwell
  • Rear Shocks: Stock (then Progressive 440)

Building Kool Therapy

Read the full story here including further upgrade information and ride reports:
Beginning in January of 1999 with a wrecked 1994 883 Sportster and with life’s ever unexpected turns, 12 years later, KT was a reality.

  • After collecting the parts, (mostly various year take-off parts that were no longer needed by the sellers who were upgrading their bikes) with some being stock ‘94 and some other years, the bike was stripped and a replacement frame was ordered from the MoCo.
  • The engine was upgraded with new 1200 cylinders, Wiseco pistons and S1 Lightning heads. Two of the rear engine mounting lugs were broken during the wreck. So, it was taken back to the independent bike shop to weld the engine lugs and install the new cylinders, pistons and heads. This created a stronger engine with stronger mounting lugs.
The head/neck was cut off & sent to H-D to order a new frame.
They created a new frame with the same serial number.
Many of the original parts were reused during the rebuild including this rear wheel & tire.
The wiring harness with most of the connectors awaiting their mating connectors which were on the engine.
Motor mounts rewelded and the engine re-assembled awaiting parts and time.
The frame/engine, wheels, front forks and 5 buckets of collected parts went to the local Harley dealer. Over a few winter months, the dealer reassembled KT into a ridable bike.
Rocker boxes had been powder coated 12 years earlier.
As completed at the dealership.

Additional upgrades were better envisioned after the bike was assembled

  • Speedometer Housing: an FXR speedometer with a remote trip odometer reset cable, a chrome cover for the back of the normal speedo housing and an exhaust tip from an FLH exhaust. The chrome cover was cut to fit the speedometer and then inserted into the exhaust tip. The speedometer was placed in the mounting location and then JB Weld was used on the chrome cover to hold it in place. The idea was to lock the mounting bracket inside the exhaust tip so that when applied to the back of the speedo, it would hold in place.
The speedo housing serves a similar function as the riser cover on
the Custom model Sportsters (to hide the cables to the speedo)
The Arlen Ness front fender was custom painted to match the tank
color and also the R/W/B theme of the rocker boxes.
The fender mounted rack will carry at least a tool pouch
and other small items on a ride.
The detachable sissy bar setup will carry larger bags as necessary
but removable so as not to clutter up the looks for local rides
  • The Thunderstar front wheel was a lucky budget item found on Craigslist.
  • Shown below: all upgrades in place along with an aftermarket bottom-mounted headlight

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