Iron Sportster Gallery (1957-1985)

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1976 XL 1)


1977 XLT 2)


On Feb 26, 1981, Vaughn Beals heads up a group including Charlie Thompson and Wilie G Davidson and ten other HD executives who sign a letter of intent to buy Harley Davidson back from AMF. On June 16, HD history was made when they successfully bought HD back from AMF. 3)
To mark the buy back and independence from AMF, they released a few limited editions including this Limited Edition (Series One). Only 1,000 of them were built. 4) The “Series One LD” consisted of a paint set. All 1000 bikes had the same paint set. 5) Everything else on the bike was as a normal XLH.
1981 XLH Limited Edition 'Series One' 6) 7)


1983 XLX-61 8) 1983 XLX-61 9)

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