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1978 Sportster

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is stamped on the right side of the engine crankcase and on the frame steering head.
  • 3A13675H8 is a 1978 XLH.
Model CodeModel NumberSerial NumberManufacturer IDModel Year
XL or XLH3A10,000 and up (5digits)H (for Harley Davidson)8 (1978)
XLCH4A10,000 and up (5digits)H (for Harley Davidson)8 (1978)
XLA4D10,000 and up (5digits)H (for Harley Davidson)8 (1978)
XLT2G10,000 and up (5digits)H (for Harley Davidson)8 (1978)
XLS4E10,000 and up (5digits)H (for Harley Davidson)8 (1978)
XLCR7F10,000 and up (five digitsH (forHarley Davidson)8 (1978)



XLCR 1000 Cafe Racer

What is the Current KBB Value? 1)

1978 XLCR 1000 - Last year in production - click to enlarge.
(Original California model with one state only mufflers.)2)

XLH 1000

What is the Current KBB Value? 3)

XLH 1000 Anniversary

What is the Current KBB Value? 4)

XLCH 1000

What is the Current KBB Value? 5)

  • Dual Sport

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