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     - Cam #2 to cam #1.     - Cam #2 to cam #1.
     - Cam #2 to cam #3.      - Cam #2 to cam #3. 
 +**Another consideration**:​
 +The position of the mark on the pinion gear to line up #2 cam is straight across from the slot in the back of the gear. \\
 +This slot can be widened with wear and not line up perfectly with the keyway on the pinion shaft. \\
 +The keyway is actually what #2 cam should line up with. \\
 +So if the pinion gear is off a little from the woodruff key location, the cams can appear not to line up perfectly together (even though they are). \\
 +So while lining up the pinion gear and #2 cam, there may be a fudge factor there also to consider when the dots aren't lined up perfectly. \\
 +You can see that the pinion gear is installed to the right of the center of the slot in the third pic below. \\
 +|  Be in mind of the woodruff key location in the pinion gear slot. ((photos by ~Grind~ of the XLFORUM http://​xlforum.net/​forums/​showthread.php?​t=1448694)) ​ |||
 ===== Before Installing the Cam Cover ===== ===== Before Installing the Cam Cover =====