EVO: Transmission & Final Drive

2004+ 5-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission w/o Trapdoor

  • For 2004 and up models, HD redesigned the transmission / engine case to confine the transmission fully within the engine cases. The trapdoor (access plate), that previously allowed easy removal of the transmission for service, was eliminated. Now, in order to service the transmission components, the engine cases need to be split.

Shifter Assembly


2004-2005 vs 2006+ Shifter Assembly
Note the following part number differences between 04-05 and 06-later. The 06-later shifter shaft is larger than
the previous version and therefore the hole in the primary cover is larger & the bushing & oil seal is different.

Part Description 2004-05 P/N 2006-later P/N
Shifter Assembly 34014-02B 2006-2008 —- 34014-06
2009-later — 34014-06A
Shaft Bushing+ 40520-63 40574-06A
Shaft Oil Seal+ 11000101++ 37107-06
Shaft Washer 7019 2006-2007 —- 7019
2008-later —- 7080
04-05 Primary Covers P/N 06-later Primary Covers P/N
The 04-05 covers
are not inter-
changeable with
the 06+ versions
Polished - 25430-04
Chrome - 25460-04
Silver - 25471-04
Black - 25307-05 ('05)
Polished - 25430-06
Chrome - 25460-06
Silver - 25471-06
Black - 25307-06
Grey - 60830-07 ('07+)
All of these may have the same Internal Casting # 34951-04 which can be confusing

+__06-later - The outer diameter of the seal is larger, the bushing has a shoulder and presses in place from the inside of the cover. 2)
++_latest P/N is 11000101 with 'garter spring' inside (old P/N 37101-84/A/B - no spring). Dims per James Gasket - 13 x 19 x 4
… Cometic Equiv of 11000101 is C10213

The Shifter Shaft Seal

Install On all models:
The oil seal can be removed without removing the primary cover - remove the lever, then use a pick or screwdriver to pry the seal out of the cavity.

On installs, make sure the shaft is free from debris or rust and be sure to put tape over the splines on the shifter shaft before installing the oil seal to prevent the splines from cutting the seal.


The Oil Seal is installed first, followed by the washer/spacer (the '04-'05 Parts Manual may show the WRONG order).

NOTE: There is a TSB (M-1350) related to the 'NEW' Shifter Shaft Seal P/N 11000101 being installed with Special Tool HD-51337. The new seal has a 'garter spring' to help seal the shifter shaft from leaks. In this TSB, the following caution is made: If the tool is not used, install seal to a depth of 0.125-0.135 inches. DO NOT bottom the seal in the bore. Bottoming the seal will damage it and prevent it from sealing properly. (While this bulletin refers to Big Twins with 6-spd transmissions, this shifter shaft seal is used on other models, including the Sportsters.)

The idea is that if you bottom the seal, the lips around the shaft will be pressed tightly against the primary cover and will not allow the lips to smoothly follow the movement of the shaft. Thus, the tight lips will be thwarting the 'sealing' aspect that the 'garter spring' is designed to enhance.

The clearance should be from the deepest edge of the seal cavity in the primary cover. The referenced instructions are for the BT models. Therefore, the Sportster models may not be exactly the same.

BUT, the principle still applies: Insert the seal slightly below that deepest edge of the cavity and don't bottom out the seal. That gives it the best chance to work correctly.

NOTE: Some owners have mistakenly gotten 2006-later covers and installed on 2004-05 engines. Neither stock shifter shaft seals would fit correctly, but purchasing an aftermarket seal, 12mm x 22mm x 5mm R23, seems to fit.4)

Also see the Sportsterpedia Primary Cover info HERE.

To increase the tightness of the oil seal (as often suggested by SportsterPaul), after installing the rubber washer, you might install one or two o-rings to take up the gap between the shift lever and the washer. The o-rings do not seal against leaking oil but, instead, they put additional pressure on the oil seal in the primary cover cavity, which does help to seal against leaks. (But be sure you are installing the seal correctly as mentioned above, not bottoming in the bore.)

Some XLForum reference threads:
https://www.xlforum.net/forum/sportster-motorcycle-forum/sportster-motorcycle-drivetrain/sportster-motorcycle-transmission-clutch-primary-secondary-drive/143966-04-primary-cover-on-an-07?t=1560232 (pics of '04 & '06 primary cover)


2004 Wet Clutch Information 5)
Clutch plate thickness–Friction plate (fiber)0.0866 in. (± 0.0031 in.) / (2.200 mm ± 0.079 mm)
–Steel plate0.0629 in. (± 0.0020 in.) / (1.598 mm ± 0.51 mm)
Maximum allowable warp-age–Friction (fiber) plate 0.0059 in. / (0.150 mm)
–Steel plate 0.0059 in. / (0.150 mm)
Clutch pack service wear limit0.6610 in. min. / (16.787 mm)

Primary Drive (engine to transmission)

YearDomestic Model(s)Engine SprocketClutch SprocketRatio
2004883, 883C6) 34 Teeth57 Teeth1.676:1
1200C, 1200R7)38 Teeth57 Teeth1.500:1
YearHDI, Japan Model(s)Engine SprocketClutch SprocketRatio
2004883, 883C8) 38 Teeth57 Teeth1.500:1
1200C, 1200R9)38 Teeth57 Teeth1.500:1


YearOverall Gear Ratios10) Overall Gear Ratios11)
US Models 883 US Models 1200
1st2nd3rd4th5th 1st2nd3rd4th5th
200410.9447.5245.8344.8064.071 9.4546.5005.0404.1523.517
YearOverall Gear Ratios12) Overall Gear Ratios13)
HDI Models 883 HDI Models 1200
1st2nd3rd4th5th 1st2nd3rd4th5th
20049.7926.7325.2204.3013.643 9.1396.2834.8724.0143.400
YearOverall Gear Ratios14) Overall Gear Ratios15)
Japan Models 883 Japan Models 1200
1st2nd3rd4th5th 1st2nd3rd4th5th
20049.6476.6335.1434.2483.643 9.0046.1904.8003.9653.400

Mainshaft Fifth Gear

L1994-2005 Mainshaft 5th Gear, Bearing & Spacer

  • 35034-94 - Gear Includes Needle Bearings
    • 8996A - Ball Bearing
    • 33344-94 - Drive Sprocket Spacer

2006-Later Mainshaft 5th Gear, Bearing & Spacer (Used on All Models except XR-1200 / XR1200X)

  • 35159-06 - Gear includes Needle Bearings
    • 35051-89A - Needle Bearings (2req)
    • 8964 - Ball Bearing w/Built-in Drive Sprocket Spacer

Mainshaft 5th Gear Bearing - Used on XR-1200 and XR1200 Models 16)

  • 8956 - Ball Bearing
  • Accompanied with:
    • 11631 - O-ring
    • 33354-08 - Spacer

Final Drive (Trans to Rear Wheel)

YearDomestic Model(s)Transmission SprocketRear Wheel SprocketSecondary Drive BeltRatio
2004883/ 883C28 Teeth68 Teeth136 Teeth2.429:1
1200/ 1200R29 Teeth68 Teeth137 Teeth2.345:1
YearHDI / Japan Model(s)Transmission SprocketRear Wheel SprocketSecondary Drive BeltRatio
2004883 / 883C28 Teeth68 Teeth136 Teeth2.429:1
1200 / 1200R30 Teeth68 Teeth137 Teeth2.267:1

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