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Replacing Brake Pads

2001 Style Caliper

Wrench Sizes & Torque Specs

Caution the use of 6-point sockets and vise-grips will round off the bolt corners. 1)

  • Changing pads:
  • Caliper to fork mounting bolts (2) (rectangles in pic below):
    • Wrench (10mm 12-point), Torque (28-38 ft/lbs / 38-51.5 Nm). 2)
  • Brake Pad Slide Pins (2) (five sided box below):
    • The small bolts on the caliper need to be removed in order to change the pads. 3)
      They will give an audible click when inserted into the housing. 4)
    • Wrench (1/4“ 12-point), Torque (180-200 in/lbs / 20.3-22.6 Nm). 5)
  • Bleeder valve:
    • Torque (80-100 in/lbs / 9.0-11.3 Nm) 6)
  • Banjo bolt on caliper (six sided box below):
    • Wrench (3/8” 12-point)
  • Banjo bolt at M/C:
    • Wrench (7/16 12-point)
  • Disassembling the caliper:
  • Bridge bolts (2) (rectangles in pic below):
  • The 2 larger bolts to the right on the caliper.
    These hold the caliper halves together and shouldn't need to be removed unless you are rebuilding the caliper. 7)
    • Wrench (10mm 12-point), Torque (28-38 ft/lbs / 38.0-51.5 Nm). 8)
02 Caliper 9)

Alternative Calipers:

The 2000 and newer bikes have a completely different mounting boss for the brakes. If you want to upgrade to Brembo calipers you're going to need the lowers from a 2000 and newer model. The stock aluminum style is the same price as the chrome version (at retail) so if you like chrome, it's definitely the way to go. 10)

Master Cylinder

2000 HD XLH FSM pg 2-46
4) , 5) , 6) , 8)
2000 HD XLH FSM pg 2-45
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