IH: Carburetor, Intake Manifold & Exhaust

See also Installation of Top End for proper alignment of intake manifold.

Intake Manifold

Seals - Intake to Heads

Intake to Head - Hardware History. 1)2) OEM Part Numbers
1957-78 Used exact same port sealing machining, heads and manifolds Uses O-rings - 27060-55 - Clamp 27063-57.
1979 Confusing because it had the o-ring machining but used rubber bands Uses rubber bands - 27062-78 - Clamp 27063-78.
1980-later Made with “o-ring delete” machining. Uses rubber bands - 27062-78 - Clamp 27063-78.
1979 models could retro fit 78-earlier interface mechanisms as a bolt on mod.
1980-later models needed the heads to be machined for reverting to the straight up o-ring seals.


Keihin Butterfly

These V-twin clamps (35-0419) work well for stopping intake leaks. The tool to install them is the same as any oiteker clamp pliers. 7)
8) 9)

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