IH: Engine Control


Check Solenoid Cover for Conductivity

  • Some solenoid covers used from 1977 had the ability to conduct electricity. The pigment in the black paint contained excessive amounts of 'carbon black' mixed in the rubber compound which was the medium. The high concentration of carbon could cause a slow battery drain condition when left for extended periods. 1)
  • This would be difficult to detect as the electrical charging system would test out OK.
  • FL/FX models had an aluminum oxide paint color which could also create this problem.
  • Inspection:
    • Set a voltmeter to 10 scale.
    • Connect a jumper wire to the outside solenoid cover and the battery positive (+) post.
    • Then, connect the volt meter to the inside solenoid boot and battery negative (-) post.
    • If the needle reads anything or even flickers while keeping solid contact, the cover is conductive.
      • If the cover is found to be conductive, replace the cover (31457-77). Test the new cover as above before installing it.

HD Service Bulletin #M-776 dated May 9. 1980
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