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Oil Check Ball and Spring

See also Check ball seat repair in the IH Oil Pump section of the Sportsterpedia.

The oil pump check ball is in the front of the oil pump. It's a spring and a steel ball set up.
The red area in the pic below is the spring & ball sit.

Used until mid 1958, the tail of check fits inside the hollow center guide bore of the fitting. 1)
Note that there is no inner face seal surface on the fitting to further isolate the pressure switch port from the 'backside' of the check.


There were 3 springs used from 52-76. 3)
(52-56 also used a second valve- pressure relief).

  1. 52-E57: (26363-36)
  2. L57-E72: (26364-57)
    • Wire length: 1-15/64“ 4)
    • Wire O.D.: ≈ 0.0250” 5)
  3. L72-76 (26364-72)
    • Wire length: 1-7/16“ 6)
    • Wire O.D.: ≈ 0.0250” 7)

This is suppose to be a NOS 67 Pump Spring.
L = 1.215“ Wire Gauge = .024”

67 oil pump spring. 8)
52-E57 9) (L) L57-E72 - (R) L72-76 10) (Bottom) L57-E72 - (Top) L72-76 11)

Rear Feed Nipple or Plug

Starting in 1967, the oil feed from the tank was plumbed directly into the oil pump on the rear side on XLH motors.
The feed from the tank stayed plumbed to the top of the rear case on XLCH motors thru 1969.
In 1970, the feed on XLCH motors was now plumbed to the oil pump as well. The feed nipple (63533-41) is a 1/8“-27 x 3/8” Bose barb fitting.

Using the same pump for both XLH and XLCH, this required a pipe plug installed there for XLCH motors from 1967-1969.
The plug is a 1/8“-27 NPT pipe plug. 2 part numbers were used and both are interchangeable.
Part# (45831-48) used from 1967-1968 while part# (45830-48) used in 1969.
1952-1956 K models also had a feed line plug there in the parts book part# (26424-52).

Oil pump on 1967 XLCH w/ feed plug 12)

Breather Gears

(Missing are the -'56 breather gear and long full profile woodruff scavenge drive key and snap-ring). 13)

Breather Gears 14) Some of amf's signature quality control.
These are 3 - 72 breather gears.15)
A closer view16)
The 2 different breather housings17)Feed Gear Sets18)
More often than not the solid pin was a slipfit in cross hole.19)
On to the bodies. The 2nd text is “26217-56a L58-e62”20)
The 4 different scavenge gear sets.
Lined up from early in foreground to later in background.
This is to show the height progression.21)
Top view of all 4 sets.22)A closer view of the height changes.23)

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