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Pics and Information on 1966-E1973 XLCH "Lunchbox" Oil Tanks

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1966-1969 Center Mount Tank

There were 2 different filler caps for these tanks (62625-62 in 1966 and (62625-66A) in 1967 (both are screw-in type).
This tank is taller than the 70-up lunchbox tanks, had a chain oiler port, banjo fitting for vent line, and used lower bolts with cotter pins, castle nuts and springs. 1)
66-69 CH oil tanks are not the same as 70-78. They are basically the same shape BUT it was moved across in 70 to fit the small battery on the left.
So all the bracketry don't fit. Later ones can be re-drilled to suit earlier frames but it's a pain in the butt. 2)
Drain plug (704) is on the left side on the bottom of the tank. Oil filler hole is on the front side of the tank.

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1970-E1973 Offset Mount Tank

62508-70 “lunchbox” tank. Drain plug (704) is on the right side at the bottom of the tank. The oil filler hole is on the rear side of the tank.
This is the first year XLCH that had a battery. New tank to accommodate the battery.
70-72 tanks are not notched on the flange between the top bolt holes.

Both the return line connection and the vent line connections in the oil tank both have identical stand pipes inside the tank.
You cannot see or reach these through the filler cap. 14)
Generic 70s XLCH oil tank sketch . 15)

1971 XLCH:
16))) 17) 18)

1972 XLCH:

19) 20) 21)

“Add-on” to 1968 XLCH:


23) 24) 25)


  • Upper bracket:
    1966-E1973 XLCH models: The “lunchbox” oil tank bracket is behind the seat casting under the backbone.
    • 1966-1971 models, the angle bracket is part of and welded to the frame (no part number) facing the front.
    • 1972-E1973 models, the angled bracket (62554-72) is bolted with two bolts under the frame backbone and faces the rear.
  • Lower bracket:
    • 1966-1969 XLCH models use a wide angle bracket (62555-66) with 2 slotted holes each for both the oil tank and engine mount bolts.
    • 1970-E1973 models use lower bracket (62555-70)


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photo by Ebay seller, johngoober, Link to Ebay Store
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