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1982-1993 Sportster Retrofit Oil Tank Kit (except XR-1000)

History of the Original Kit

This information is from HD Tech Tip #34 and #37.
HD Tech Tip #34 incorrectly listed the part numbers for the two new retro oil tank kits as 62472-93, and 62473-93.
Just correcting the records, the correct part numbers are listed in Tech Tip #37 and shown below.

There were two retrofit oil tank kits available for earlier Sportster models both using the same oil tank.
The oil tank will retrofit to all 1982 to 1993 Sportster models, except the XR-1000.
All earlier tanks were obsoleted and replaced with these two kits.

Corrected part numbers per TT-37 in December of 1993:

  • 1982-E1987 (62482-93) with flared brake lines.
  • L1987-1993 (62472-93) with banjo brake lines.

Below is the oil tank that came in the original upgrade kit for 82-93 Sportster. The part number for the tank itself is not readily available.
It has the 1/2“ drain nipple added as do OEM 83-93 tanks. So 82 Sportsters need an additional 1/2” drain hose since this tank version has no drain plug.
82 Sportsters will also need the 83-93 battery tray part# (66191-83) as it has the 1/2“ welded nipple under it to terminate the oil drain hose.
(or plug a longer hose strapped to the frame).
Likewise, 83-93 Sportsters can use the original battery tray.


Note, these can still be found used online, Ebay, etc. A special thanks to Rusty Dusty Motorcycle Parts for the pics below.
You can see the reinforced bracing while still using a 2 hole mount battery tray.
Used oil tank below.

2) 3) 4)

5) 6) 7)

Revised Kit

Later revised in 2005, the kit was updated with new part numbers**. ( Click Here to download Instruction Sheet #J00572)

  • Kit (62482-93A) is designed for installation on 1982-E1987 XLH models.
  • Kit (62472-93A) is designed for installation on L1987-1993 XLH models.

For 86-90 models, the 94 upgrade has almost double the distance between supports for the battery tray.
It offers more reinforcement of the tank, the hose routing is much cleaner and the revised battery cables are less prone to failing. 8)

This kit uses the 94-97 style battery tray (in particular, the 97 tray with the added rubber bumpers , 66194-94A) and oil tank (62475-97A).

3930A35/16-18 x 3/4” bolt44438-82A1Brake line assembly (Kit 62482-93A)
40921Brake hose bracket screwNot Sold Separately1Brake line asssembly (Kit 62472-93A)
70411Lockwasher for brake hose screw47403-75A2Battery tray pad
81021Clipnut for brake hose mounting62475-97A1Oil tank assembly
60733Spacer washer for left side cover62493-891Tee fitting (1/2“x1/2”x3/8“)
67023Washer for screw (battery tray to tank)62494-94B190° plastic elbow
768631/4-20 x 5/16” x 7/16“ locknut
(oil tank rubber mount to frame)
62540-834Trim strip
77391Locknut (battery tray rubbermount to frame)62563-653Rubber mount for oil tank
100141Feed hose to tank clamp62569-941Rubber mount for battery tray
100391Cable tie strap62725-901Plastic oil drain plug
100491Corbin clamp (drain hose termination)63504-941Preformed 1/2” drain hose (tee to plug)
1008023/8“ hose clamp (feed hose from tee to oil pump)63542-94A11/2” x 8“ hose (90° elbow to tee)
101081Vapor valve hose clip63564-94A11/2” x 3“ hose (oil tank to 90° elbow)
1014251/2” hose clamp66194-94A1Battery Tray
41731-824Banjo washer, copper/zinc70079-941Battery cable assembly
41731-88A4Banjo washer, steel/rubber100061Cable strap assembly
63576-951Plastic heat shield for hose

Using the kit, below is the battery tray, feed / drain hose assembly and the drain hose plug for 93 and earlier setups.
The battery tray attaches to the oil tank with three screws.

1997 battery tray. 9) Oil feed and drain hose 10) Feed / drain hose assembly. 11)

This is the oil tank (62475-97A) in the second 82-93 upgrade kit and is also the revised version of and replacement for 94-99 oil tanks.
It looks identical to the 2000-2003 oil tank but it has an added threaded hole in the back for mounting the starter relay where 00-03 tanks do not have that hole.
Used oil tank below.

12) 13) 14)

15) 16) 17)

Alternative to the Retrofit Tank Kit

Article by Benton of the XLFORUM to replace a 1988 oil tank. 18)

J&P carries a battery tray (350-065) for around 100 bucks. The tray fits the 1994 style tank then purchase a 1994 style tank.
However, the 94 style tank jams the 1/2“ feed outlet weld area against the frame and that may cause a crack / leak.
The fit of the tank is excessively tight because the feed outlet lies just in front of the main frame support, but it will fit.
The top of the tank is against the frame though which makes them solidly mounted.

The battery tray also fits the 97-03 oil tank and this may or may not be a better fit.
It has the oil outlet placed closer to the front of the tank and the outlet is angled away from the frame.
The fit is much better without the frame pushing on the outlet or any of the other tubes.

The tray mounts to the oil tank with three bolts instead of two, which is what makes it more stable and keeps it from vibrating.
The lower two holes are also spaced wider. The oil tank from J&P only comes in chrome.

Here’s some comments for those considering this replacement. The new battery tray comes alone, so you’ll also need some new hardware:

  • (1) 1/2” x 3/8” brass reducing tee.
    This is because the new tank does not have a separate outlet for the drain and you have to split it off the tank (feed) outlet.
  • (4) rubber studs for mounting the oil tank and battery tray along with 1/4“ nuts and washers.
  • (2) fender washers for the battery rubber stud to space it out appropriately.
  • (3) 5/16” course threaded bolts to mount the battery tray to the oil tank along with washers and lock-washers.
  • New hoses and clamps, 3/8” and 1/2“ for the oil lines and a 1/4” for the vent line.
  • (1) 1/2“ bolt to plug the oil line drain and a hose clamp. You need one with a shoulder or it will leak. (you can cut 2” inch long bolt down to do this)
  • Blue Loctite
  • Cardboard to line the tray with (it will outlast your battery).
    It’s easiest if you cut the cardboard before you install the tray. Paint it black if it bothers you.
  • (a new chrome ignition cover to match the chrome tank along with 3 new well nuts. You aren’t really going to let the bike go out with mismatched sides are you?

Routing: You need to put the 1/2“ hose on the tank BEFORE you mount it, as it is a close fit against the frame.
The rubber studs will flex to accommodate this and the mounting holes, but you’ll have to push them some to do so. It’s a very tight fit.
Once you put the tray on, it may be somewhat forward of the rubber stud. Fender washers on both sides of the rubber spaced it for a solid fit.

Route the transmission vent line and the positive battery cable behind the tray between the bottom two mounts.
The negative battery cable goes forward of the mounts. The oil lines run under the starter. The vent line can run outside the starter.
The tank feed fitting / line is 1/2” that runs straight to the tee with the 1/2“ oil drain line on the other end and the middle attaching to the 3/8” tank-to-engine oil line.
There’s no drain plug on the new battery tray so you’ll have to use a bolt and zip tie the drain line it out of the way.
(The 94 year bikes started putting this plug on the right side of the swingarm).
The oil lines are actually neater with the new tank setup than they were before because all of the fittings are on the bottom of the tank.

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