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Cleaning The Master Cylinder

  • For use with DOT 5 brake fluid: Always clean brake system rubber parts by washing in denatured alcohol or DOT 5 brake fluid. Do not use mineral base cleaning solvents such as gasoline or paint thinner. These cause deterioration of non-metallic parts which would continue to deteriorate after assembly, possibly resulting in component failure. 1)

Rear Brake Clevis Rod

1980 and up:

  • If the motorcycle should fall on it's right side or the muffler and bracket should hit the curb, the brake stop bracket could be inadvertently bent. This could then allow the brake pedal to travel past it's stop and could result in the distort­ing or bending of the clevis rod end (42445-80). Although the bend in the clevis rod end will not adversely affect the brake function, it could allow increased brake pedal free play. This condition would cause the brake pedal to travel further when applying the brake. 2)
    • Inspection:
      • Inspect brake stop bracket (welded to muffler) for the correct bend periodically.
      • The bracket should form a 90° angle out from the muffler. If it is bent in either direction, tap it with a ball peen hammer to straighten it.
      • Check the rear brake pedal adjustment. Work the rear brake pedal back and forth by hand to determine the amount of free play before the pushrod contacts the piston in the master cylinder. Free play measured at the pushrod should be app. 1/16“.
    • Correction:
      • If free play is excessive, inspect the clevis rod end (42445-80) for signs of distortion. If it is bent at the end, replace it.
      • If free play is incorrect, loosen the jamnut and turn the ad­justing screw in (clockwise) to increase free play, or out (counterclockwise) to decrease free play.
    • When proper free play is achieved , apply Harley­ Davidson Lock 'N Seal (99625-77) to the threads and then tighten the jamnut to 12-15 ft-lbs. while holding the screw in position.
    • When properly adjusted, the brake pedal should be parallel to the ground when bottomed against brake pedal stop.

Rear Brake Pedal Stop

HD Service Bulletin #M-785 dated June 10, 1980
HD Service Bulletin #M-779 dated May 23, 1980
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