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Factory Service Manual (FSM) for Sportsters

AKA Field Service Manual 1)

  • In 1959, HD implements a Service Manual program consisting of a Master Service Manual (dealer only item) covering the complete model line and manuals for individual models that anyone could buy. 2) 3) 4) 5)
  • Each service manual contains maintenance and repair information for the model covered. Pages are loose leaf bound to allow pages to be added or taken out.
    • The Master Service manual is divided into seven different informational sections including: 6)
      • Dealer - section 0: This section is for Service Bulletins and updates from the MoCo.
      • Product - section 1
      • Chassis - section 2
      • Engine - section 3
      • Transmission - section 4
      • Electrical - section 5
      • Miscellaneous - section 6
    • Supplements were published in each succeeding model season to update any new changes / procedures for new models to the service manuals and were easily adaptable with the loose leaf page system. Supplements were also published for entirely new models for insertion into the Master Service Manual.
Factory Master Service Manual (all models)
99480-591957-1959Duo Glide, Sportster, Servi-Car, Model 165 and Hummer
  • The Individual Service Manuals could be purchased by anyone from HD dealerships. These manuals cover maintenance and repair information for only one model. They are also divided into sections like the Master Manual but do not have the Dealer section which includes the Service Bulletin information (not intended for the general public to see). These were also loose leaf bound and could be updated with new model year supplements.
Factory Service Manuals for SportstersDealer PriceIndividual Price
99484-591959, complete manual$4.00$5.00
99484-601959-1960, complete manual
99485-601960, loose leaf supplement$1.50$2.00
99484-621959 - 1962, complete manual$4.00$5.00
99485-621962, loose leaf supplement$1.00$1.50
99484-631959-1963, complete manual$4.00$5.00
99485-631963, loose leaf supplement$0.75$1.00
99485-641964, loose leaf supplement
99484-651959-1965, complete manual$4.00$5.00
99485-651965, loose leaf supplement$1.70$2.25

Known Errors in Service Manuals

Year Model FSM / OtherPage No.(s)Error NotedCorrection
1986 FSM3-10@ 3500 rpm, oil pressure will vary from 5-30 psi.The rpm stated was corrected in future FSMs to read:
@ 2500 rpm, oil pressure will vary from 5-30 psi. 7)
1991 FSM2-1Shows 1.5 pints of oil for the primary / transmission.This was corrected in the 92 FSM showing 40 oz for both years. 8)
Read more on Transmission / Primary Oil in the Sportsterpedia
2014 FSM4-1, 4-26Exhaust Flange Nut Torque 96-120 ft.-lbs. (10.8-13.6 Nm)96-120 in-lbs. (10.8-13.6 Nm) 9)

The 2001 XL Electrical Diagnostic Manual has a connector wire location error on pages 4-51 and 4-54. 10)
In connector 10, pin #4 should be Pink and pin #5 should be LtGn/Gy.
Please make note of these changes on the wiring diagram on page 4-51 and to the three diagnostic boxes on page 4-54.


HD Service Bulletin #403 dated December 15, 1958
HD Service Bulletin #415 dated February 15, 1960 pg OA-1 ((HD Service Bulletin #456 dated December 7, 1961 pg OA-1
HD Service Bulletin #470 dated January 31, 1963 pg OA-1
HD Service Bulletin #495dated September 18, 1965 pg OA-1
HD Service Bulletin #403 dated December 15, 1958 pg OA-1
86-88 HD FSM pg 3-10
1991-1992 HD Sportster FSM pg 2-1
HD Tech Tip #54 dated June 2001
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