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Brass Accents For Your Bike

Brass Oil Dipstick

Each one is custom made by Custom-Metal in Germany 1)

Brass Headlight Bucket

The headlight shell came from an old $3 brass (or brass-plated) lamp at a local thrift store.
With some cutting and grinding, it turned out to be sized just right for the stock Harley headlight and its rubber mounting ring.
A few light coats of Duragloss candy copper paint (translucent) and a couple coats of clear was used on the OEM headlight rims.
Wiring is hidden under the tank.
The mounting bracket was made out of some scrap billet. 2)

Brass Brake Pedal Cover

This particular brass cover is made by Kijima in Tokyo.
It was bought from in Yokohama. 3)

Shifter Peg

50bmg shifter:
The shoulder of the casing was cut off with a bolt epoxied into it. 4)

Air Cleaner

This is a NRHS round AC with a brass center added. 5)

Hand Grips

Shotgun shell inside the grips. 6)

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