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HD Combination Speedo/Tach


HD 70900274

This 4“ Combination Digital Speedometer and Analog Sweep Tachometer is offered as an upgrade item and allows you to monitor engine speed, fuel level and gear position, without adding additional handlebar-mounted gauges. See Fitment Info below.

  • 4” Spun Aluminum Dial, MPH/km/h, Worldwide Models
  • Unit mounts in the stock dash opening and is a direct plug-in installation
  • Backlit gauge includes a large LCD (liquid crystal display) information screen that displays odometer/tripmeter data, miles-to-empty readings, an easy-to-read segmented fuel display, a gear position indicator and clock
  • Features push-button adjustable backlighting with over 600 color tone options allowing the rider to adjust pointer, LCD and backlighting colors to match any paint scheme or viewing preference
  • Digital speed reading can be easily toggled between MPH and kph to simplify cross-border travel
  • Mileage reinstatement resides in the vehicle ECM so initial mileage will be uploaded at the time of installation
  • 07+ Sportsters require additional Fuel Sensor Kit (HD 61200008) to utilize Fuel Gauge and Range function

Fitment: Fits '04-'13 XL (except XR, XL50 and '04-'08 XL1200R)
Note: As a result of different vehicle capabilities, the following exceptions apply: Gear position not available on ’04-’07 models, Range function not available on ’04-’06 XL models and ’04-’08 Dyna® models, Fuel level function not available on ’04-’06 XL models.

HD 70900475

This 4“ Combination Digital Speedometer and Analog Sweep Tachometer allows you to monitor engine speed, fuel level and gear position, without adding additional handlebar-mounted gauges. See Fitment Info below.

Features are as listed above for pre-2014 models.

Fitment: Fits '14-later XL US models. XL models require separate purchase of Fuel Sensor Kit P/N 61200008A to make use of the fuel level and range function.

HD 61200008A XL Fuel Level Sensor Kit

This kit has a graduated, in-tank sensor unit which is based on capacitive sensing technology to accurately monitor the fuel level. Included is a jumper plug to replace the stock resistor pack and a new fuel pump gasket. Specified to be compatible with 70900100C, 70900274 and 70900475, it has been discovered that it is also able to activate the fuel level gauge on the 2016-later 1200CX Roadster speedometer, P/N 70900549. 2)

The in-tank sensor provides the fuel level information to the Speedo/Tach LCD display for at-a-glance viewing.

The sensor produced multiple levels of resistance based on the fuel level, thus elimnating the previous two-level (ok/lo) resistor pack function. The jumper plug shorts socket1 to socket2 of connector 200B, thus grounding the new in-tank sensor. Socket3 of connector 200B is not used and simply plugged.

Note: There have been many reports that it is difficult to make the jumper plug contact pins protrude enough to make contact with the sockets in the 200B connector. Be sure you assemble the jumper correctly and insert the pins sufficiently.

Additional info at this XLForum Thread:

VSS - Modification for 1995-2003 12v Sensor

There have been a lot of issues and malfunctions of speedometers in these years. The below modification is intended to raise the voltage under load for the sensor as a possible fix for intermittent malfunctions. ( See this XLForum Thread which is related.)

VSS/Speedometer Pulse Rate Converter

The Vehicle Speed Sensor produces a different number of pulses-per-mph between the 883 and 1200 models. The electronic speedometers on 1995-2003 model Sportsters were different between the 883 models and the 1200 models. Beginning in 2004, the VSS signal was sent to the ECM so that the ECM could be programmed to account for the differences between the models and send the right speed information to the speedometer.

Dakota Digital makes a product (SIM-1) to receive the pulses from the VSS and convert them to the appropriate pulse rate that is expected by the present speedometer. This conversion can help compensate for larger/smaller tires and different final drive ratios (changes in sprockets).
SIM-1 Product Description - Install Instructions

Apparently, S&S also had a conversion product (55-1007) that is no longer available.
XLForum Thread - Product Install

(As always, the links provided were functional at the time they were listed. Search the web for the product model if the links are inactive.)


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