REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-04J

Further Study of Evo Sportster Breather Valves

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Comparing L1984 and 1991 Umbrella Valves

L1984-1990 umbrella valve (26856-82).
1991-2003 umbrella valve (26856-89).

Dims: 1)
Outside diameter:
L1984 - 1.25“
1991 - 1.0”
Edge thickness (1/8“ in average):
L1984 - 0.036”
1991 - 0.041“

  • The pic below shows the left side (filter side) that faces into the cam box.
    • It's center inside diameter is slightly larger than the 1.25” OD (-82) umbrella valve.
    • The two 'C' shaped slots that do the breathing have an OD of 1“.
    • As a result, the 91-03 umbrella valve with its diameter of 1” may not perform correctly in L84-90 models since there is likely to be leakage.
Umbrella (check) Valves
L - (26856-82), R - (26856-89) 2)
Breather Baffle Tube (26917-84) 3)

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