REF: General-MSR 40

Steps for Building a Rolling Chassis

Build the bike like this: 1)

  1. Get the chassis built complete sans motor.
  2. Forks done
  3. Swing arm done
  4. Rear shocks done
  5. Rear fender on
  6. Get your bars wired and cabled and installed
  7. Get your lights squared away.
  8. Get your kick stand square.
  9. Get your wheels and brakes to snuff.

This is so much more manageable. As the chassis assembly is more involved than it seems.
Make sure the chassis is DONE. Rolling around like a bike with no motor.

  • Then install the short block in frame.
  • Kicker assembly (if applicable) should be done prior to install in frame.
  • You will be surprised how easy it goes.
  • Then do topend and primary in the frame.

Every pro wrench evolves to this or a reasonable facsimile thereof.


To protect as much paint or powder from being burned away. Get a tube of tooth paste, in lieu of heat sink paste, apply 1/2“ away from weld area and that will do it. Mint flavor makes the shop smell good. 2)

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