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External Oil Coolers

One thing to remember is the temp reading at the oil tank and the actual highest oil temp in the engine are not the same things. 1)
It depends where the reading is taken.

Oil coolers may not be needed in cooler climate. The engine is not only air cooled, it is also oil cooled. 2)
The oil circulation carries a lot of the internal engine heat away. Engines are built to run certain specs.
Operating temperature has an effect on the specs due to heat expansion of the metal.
Minor point maybe, but the engines are not built to different specs to be sold in different climates.
We run different oil weights for different climates. The closer you stay to the ideal operating temp, the easier it will be on the engine.
It will also slow the oil breakdown.

People argue either way on the benefit of an oil cooler. 3)
However, the reasoning for using an cooler ranges from:
Larger oil capacity, lower oil temp and better engine cooling in summer (especially in high temp climates).
You will have to make your own decision on when to use an oil cooler.
Sometimes it just boils down to piece of mind. But using one can't hurt the engine.

HD Oil Cooler (62996-07A)

Note: if you have a “Custom” or forward controls you will need to remove the right side to gain access to the oil hose from the pump: 4)

Disconnect the feed hose from the oil pump to the engine.
Thread the included nipples (with thread sealer) into the pump and the case.
Install the (2) short metal lines to the fittings on the right side of the bike (18mm short wrench).
(it would be a good idea to install the plastic stand off's per the instructions)

Next, extend the metal lines with rubber hose to the cooler on the left side of the bike.
Use the clamps to mount the cooler unit to the downtube.

Jagg Oil Cooler

Jagg's original “Deluxe Oil Cooler System” was first designed with Harley Davidson motorcycles in mind. 5)
(perimeter, vertical frame tubes)

  • The cooler mounts to the left frame down-tube, spaced away from the frame to allow airflow to both the oil cooler and the engine.
  • It's mounted to the frame using Uralite mounts which have a shock-absorbing effect.
  • It's a six-tube, two-pass design.
  • In-line turbulators add to the cooler's efficiency with minimal oil pressure loss or restriction.
  • Aluminum construction with durable powder coated finish.
  • Billet aluminum end caps with machined fins to match and complement the style of the engine's cooling fins.

Jagg has several oil coolers to choose from including a chrome version, slimline, a deluxe with diamond cut fins and a wideline cooler.
They also offer a fan assisted cooler.

Oil Filter Adapter

Jagg's thermostatically-controlled offset oil filter adapter provides an easy access point to the bike's oil supply for the installation of the oil cooler. 6)

  • The sandwich-style adapter is machined from two pieces of billet aluminum and then hard-anodized to a satin black finish.
  • The adapter installs between the bike's stock oil filter mount and the oil filter.

The offset filter adapter (4700) may hit the motor mount when mounted with the fittings down.
It may have to be mounted so the fittings are up to install the filter.
In this instance, the anti-rotation device is not required.

Note for 04 and up Sportsters:

  • Jagg oil filter adapter (4550) is required for oil cooler installation on 04 and up Sportsters. 7)
  • Features:
    • Unique built-in oil by-pass valve and includes ProLine M22x1.5 swivel fittings for easy oil plumbing.
    • Installs between the oil filter landing and the oil filter for easy access to the oil supply to install an oil cooler.
    • Built-in thermostatic oil valve which allows oil to by-pass the oil cooler until reaching operating temperature for faster vehicle warmup times.
    • Filter O-rings (SK4550)
    • Flows oil through the filter first, for better flow
Fittings mounted down wouldn't work 8)
Jagg oil cooler with filter adapter 9)
Jagg Slimline oil cooler installed 10)

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