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L84-85 and 86-90 Oil Filter Mount Comparison

Side by side comparison

Line routing

(filter on the return part of the oil system)

L84-85 Oil Filter Pad 1) Thread sizes. 2)

(filter on the feed part of the oil system)

86-90 Oil Filter Pad 3) Thread sizes. 4)

Oil filter adapter

Filter adapter (33115-79):
The oil filter adapter threads are the same size from L84-90.
Both ends have the same I.D. with a single hole drilled straight through.
The check valve in 85 and prior models is in the oil pump.
Therefore, the filter adapter is not set up for the check valve.

L84-85 Oil Filter Adapter. Each end has the same ID. Should work fine with a check ball and spring. 5)

Filter adapter (33116-86):
Both ends have different I.D.s for use with either a check valve or a check ball.

86-90 Oil Filter Adapter: Each end has a different ID. Installs with larger I.D. outward 6)

S&S Oil Filter Mount

The S&S oil filter mount does not have an oil pressure regulator built into it. 7)

S&S oil filter mount. 8)

1) , 2) , 3) , 4)
photo by Hippysmack
5) , 6)
photos by Hippysmack
photos by A 4 liter V8 eater of the XLFORUM
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