REF: Oiling & Lubrication

Aftermarket Sportster Oil Pumps


These pumps are no longer in production. 1)
There were two versions, one 3 stage and one 4 stage.
The 3-stage uses a gerotor stage for scavenging the cam chest.
Below there is a spur gear set that scavenge the sump, and at the bottom there is another gerotor stage that feeds the engine. They also have an extra suction port into the spur gear stage, that port is plugged with and 1/8 NPT.
That port can be used if someone for example wants to connect the pump via external plumbing to the sump.

The 4 stage pumps has an additional 4th stage, which can be used to various things. Draining the rocker boxes, draining a turbo or whatever the engine builder wants.

3 stage shown below:
Top, gerotor stage that scavanges the cam chest.
Below , spur gear stage that scavenges the sump.
Bottom, gerotor stage that feeds the engine.

Pro Flow multi-stage oil pump. 2)

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