REF: Custom Painting

Deciding on a Paint Scheme

Getting the Right Tools for the Job

General Painting Procedures

General Prep for Painting

Taping off the work area

Use a tape that is made for taping over painted areas so it won't pull up the paint below it when removed.
However, whether you use tape, cellophane, paper or any other masking device, the paint below it needs to be dry enough not to stick to it.

3M painter's tape sticks well and won't remove existing paint. 1)


Custom Tins

fired_tins.jpg2) photo_by_bklyngeezer_of_the_xlforum.jpg3)

Custom Bike Paint

  • Click on a picture to enlarge it.

lightning.jpg4) 2003_hugger_photo_2_by_bklyngeezer_of_the_xlforum.jpg5) Delete this please6)

Pictures for your __Muse__ ment

  • Below are pictures for the creativity of free-hand painting.
  • Click on a pic to enlarge it


fire_1.jpg7) fire_2.jpg8)


photos by Hippysmack
photo by hippysmack of the XLFORUM
photo by bklyngeezer of the XLFORUM
XLS photo by hippysmack of the XLFORUM
hugger photo by bklyngeezer of the xlforum
Hugger photo by bklyngeezer of the XLFORUM
7) , 8) , 9) , 10)
photo courtesy of Hippysmack
photo courtesy of Hippysmack
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